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Website design

Think of your website as the digital heartbeat of your brand, setting the pace for your entire online presence. It's not just a page; it's your digital runway, darling!

We're your hype crew, right by your side, ready to amplify that beat and make your business the star of the show. Yass, let's elevate your digital game!

In today's digital world, a 'meh' website just won't cut it. Think about it, your website is more than just a URL; it's the ultimate stage where your brand performs. 


Why a Killer Website is Non-Negotiable

First impressions are digital, darling! Your website is often the first thing your audience sees, and we're all about making you unforgettable from the get-go. Let's captivate them with a visually stunning experience that leaves them saying, 'Yass, I need this in my life!'


Set the Trend, Don't Follow It

In a sea of digital sameness, your website needs to be the trendsetter, not the follower. We infuse your site with creativity and vision, making sure you're the Coco Chanel of the digital realm—a timeless icon that others aspire to emulate.


Authenticity is Ke

You don't want to be just another face in the crowd; you want to be the star everyone's talking about. That's why we pour our hearts into crafting a website that's authentically you. We take the essence of your brand and translate it into digital language. No sugarcoating, no clichés—just pure, unadulterated YOU.

Elevate Your Digital Game with Our Exclusive
Website Package

Ready to stake your claim in the digital universe? Your hype crew at In House West is all set to amplify your brand's heartbeat with our killer 'Start Package.' Yass, let's dive into the details!

What's Inside the Box:

12-Month Wix Subscription: We're Wix aficionados for a reason—simplicity, beauty, and function. That's your first year sorted!

Domain Vibes: New Domain via GoDaddy or a smooth transfer from your old site. Either way, we're making it official!

Custom Website Design: Imagine a digital runway tailored just for you. We're talking about custom font, colours, and graphics that scream 'YOU!'

Basic SEO Magic: From your URL and Title Tag to Meta Descriptions, we're infusing SEO magic so Google has eyes only for you.

Keyword-Friendly Copy: Get your message across with copy that not only engages but also ranks.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly: Because your audience is everywhere, and your site should be too.

Custom Content: All your photos and videos are perfectly positioned. Need stock content? We got you!

Subscriber Pop-Up: Capture the hearts (and emails) of your site visitors for your brand's future fandom.

Automatic Email Template: Your first email to new subscribers? Make it love at first sight!

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup: Real-time data at your fingertips. Know what's clicking!

Bonus: Choose between a mini branding photoshoot or a 1:1 Instagram audit with actionable insights.


Investment: $3,500+gst

Please note: Our creative prowess is exclusively channelled through Wix. It's not just our preference; it's our philosophy.

Let's chat about your next project!

You've got the vision, and we've got the skills to bring it to life. Let's sync those beats and get your digital heart pumping like never before! Ready to level up? Click that 'Let's Chat' button, and let's make some digital magic happen.

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