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Enhancing MK Skin Clinic's Instagram Presence - A Social Media Management Success Story

Struggling to effectively manage its Instagram presence, Perth-based MK Skin Clinic sought out our expertise. Despite being an authority in the skincare industry, the owner had trouble deciding what to post, lacked the time to manage social media, and was unsure of how to convert her knowledge into engaging content that would attract a wider audience and generate leads.


As a creative digital agency based in Perth, Western Australia, we specialise in offering robust social media management solutions. Our services range from social media strategy and content creation to managing client accounts.


We started by refining MK Skin Clinic's Instagram bio. Previously, the bio was location-focused and failed to clearly state the services offered. We rectified this by making the city and the job/service title prominent and searchable. With a strict 150-character limit for the bio, our objective was to clearly articulate her specialities and introduce a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA).


Additionally, since the owner lacked a website for client bookings, we set up a simple that enabled bookings directly from Instagram and allowed us to track customer activity. We also included the full business address to assist in location finding and to clearly communicate the clinic's geographical base.


Next, we analysed her post history, scrutinising 30 days' worth of content. A recurring theme was the extensive use of pink in her posts, which, while eye-catching, diverted attention from the remarkable work she was doing with her clients' skin. We switched to a more neutral colour palette to improve the cohesion and flow of the feed.


We diversified her content by sharing images of her clinic, displaying the products she recommended, and providing more information about their benefits for skin health. We also created informative infographics with tips, tricks, and 'how-to' guides.


Our social media management strategy also included regular posting, utilising relevant hashtags, writing engaging captions, and prompt responses to comments. Within just a month, MK Skin Clinic's Instagram engagement grew by an impressive 215% and continues to grow.


Our efforts demonstrate the transformative power of a robust social media strategy, effective content creation, and responsive social media management. The remarkable growth of MK Skin Clinic's Instagram presence is a testament to our digital agency's commitment to help our clients level up their social media accounts.

Want to experience the same transformation for your business? Reach out to us today. Fill out our contact form and let's discuss how we can level up your social media presence, just like we did for MK Skin Clinic. Don't wait - your social media glow-up starts now!


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